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We always recommend that use an architect to submit your application as local architects will know almost...





Planning Submission


Planning Applications & Planning Submission

Anyone can draw up plans, complete a planning application and submit their plans to the local planning office. However, the likely result of this process is that your planning application will be refused.

Unless you have a background in the planning process it is unlikely that you will have up-to-date knowledge of what is currently in favour with regard to submitting a planning application. Even the architects get it wrong because of the continual changing policies within local planning authorities right across the UK so it far more likely that you will make a mistake and end up wasting several months unless you are totally up-to-date and switched on.

Planning Submission (2)We always recommend that you use a local architect to submit your application as local architects will know almost immediately what is not likely to get planning right from the outset. Architects that are in regular contact with their town hall counterparts are far more likely to be able to interpret advice correctly from the local planning officer.

When it comes to submitting the planning application it’s always wiser to pay the architect to do the submission as you will need to be able to upload the plans, prepare a design and access statement and know exactly the type of planning application that you are submitting. Even the architects muck up the submission process and they are doing it frequently so I don’t really expect homeowners to get it right.

Getting the planning submission process wrong means delays as all planning submissions go through a process called validation which means they will be examined and if a mistake is made your submission will be refused. It takes about 2 /3 weeks to get a planning application validated so when you get the submission process wrong it’s likely to cost you the best part of a month.

Our advice, ask an architect to submit your application as it will most certainly save you time and heartaches in the process.

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