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We would generally recommend that you use the services of an Planning Appeal Specialist to oversee...





Planning Appeals


Refusal Of Planning Permission

Having your plans turned down by the local planning office is an entirely frustrating experience. Even more so if you’ve paid out several thousands for architectural services and planning advice.

The good news is that the process doesn’t end there and that the planning applicant may well be able to gain planning permission through further consultation and making amendments to the original plans.

Planning Appeals (1)When a planning application fails the applicant will be provided with the details as to why the the application failed. The applicant may then take several courses of action with the most popular option being the modification of the plans with a view to reaching an agreement with the planning office.

You may also be tempted to challenge the planning decision but before you do so you should take proper advice as the local planning authorities tend to reject applications where they have a sufficiently strong case that can be argued on appeal. You should also know that a large percentage of failed applications win their case on appeal following negotiations and amendments.

If your application does get rejected we would generally recommend that you use the services of an Planning Appeals Specialist to oversee the appeal through your own architect. That way you will be able to maintain the relationship with your architect (simpler and cheaper) whilst upping the odds of a successful planning appeal. Lastly, do bear in mind that you only have 28 days to lodge an appeal.

You can find a planning appeals specialist and get quotes by clicking our Get Quotes icon. Just provide us with a few details of the project and say you would like a quote from a Planning Appeals Specialist.

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