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New Build House Plans

Building your own home continues to be extremely popular despite the gloom and doom of the UK housing market. Whilst building your own home is’nt for everybody it does have massive appeal to all age groups and to people from all walks of life.

The starting point for many is the search for a plot and depending on the individual requirements this part of the project is crucial to a successful build. Location is the key for many families as serious considerations have to be given to work, schools, shopping, hospitals etc depending on your circumstances.

Once a plot has been secured the next major part of the build is coming up with house plans that everybody can agree on. Don’t get carried away at this point because regardless of what you like the local planners might have an entirely different idea of what type, style and design of property is suitable for your chosen location. Fact is, it might be wise to have a word with the planners before you buy a plot of land to ensure that you are not going to have major design problems further down the line.

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When it comes to the design of your new build I would always recommend that you use local architects that are familiar with the local environment. In other words they know the soil, the weather conditions and New Build House Plans (1)the planners and are best able to advise you on the type of property and the construction materials that will work best for the site location.

If your site is on a slope the architect can also save you many thousands by coming up with house plans that work with the slope of the site rather than have you spend many thousands having to clear the site first. Fact is I’ve come across many new build home designs that were wrong for the site. Just try and build a bungalow on a slope and see what you end up with. The options are that your bungalow either develops stairs or that you level off the footprint for the build leaving a massive cliff behind the house.

If you’re smart you will be flexible on your design and try to build a property to suit the terrain and save many thousands in the process. if on the other hand you have a fixed idea of the property you wish to build then it is essential you find a plot of land that support the design and have a word with the planners prior to purchase so that you don’t get any nasty surprises further down the line.

Will Ready-Made House Plans Work Out Cheaper?

You can browse thousands of lovely house plans online. They look great and generally work out far cheaper than instructing an architect and starting from scratch with bespoke house plans.

That’s the theory anyway. The reality of course is that when you buy plans you are not simply buying the design plans as you need the technical drawings and all the other relevant plans such as electrical, New Build House Plans (2)drainage, heating etc to support the build. Sadly, this is where the problems start as the vast majority of house plans available online are not suitable for the UK market and therefore will not have the correct technical details, specifications or supporting design plans.

Even the house design drawings themselves may not be suitable for a UK planning application as we have strict rules with regard to the scale of the drawings and the necessary inclusions to form valid design plans that are suitable for a planning application.

What about the UK building regulations? Every new build has to conform to the current building regulations and I guarantee you that the vast majority of the plans available online will not have the correct up to date building specifications that will get approval by the local building control departments.

Other considerations include the design suitability for the actual plot and the locality. Look at the problems you would have if you buy a design that needs a flat piece of land when your plot, like many, is on a slope. What about the finishing materials for the design? Will the construction materials be suitable for the prevailing weather conditions that exist in your chosen locality?

All in all there are major problems associated with buying ready-made house plans online and whilst they are excellent to browse in order to help you formulate your own ideas I would never recommend that you make a purchase regardless of much they attempt to assure you that they are suitable for the UK market.

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