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Garage conversions continues to be popular across the UK. When you consider that homeowners are getting another room for around 10k it’s not in the least bit surprising. Fact is, a garage conversion makes perfect sense if you need some extra space and it will work out far cheaper than a loft conversion or an extension.

In any case most of our garages are just used to hoard junk that we don’t use or even worse just left unused. Don’t forget that if you do need a garage to house a few golf clubs or kids buggy you can always retain a section at the front for storage and convert the rest. In any case many homeowners extend the garage to the rear in line with the dept of the house as part of the garage conversion.

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When it comes to the conversion it’s always better to call the architect first and get some plans sorted out. You may not need planning permission, most garage conversions don’t, but you will need building regulations approval and that means a full set of technical drawings showing the details of the build.

Garage Conversion Plans (2)When it comes to designing the layout give consideration to installing a w/c if you don’t already have one downstairs. All new homes today have to have a ground floor w/c and if you have any elderly people living in the house a ground floor w/c will really be appreciated.

If your garage is part of the house rather than a bolt on at the side the likelihood is that it is built to a similar specification as the house which means the conversion cost will be at a minimum. However, if you garage is a bolt-on then it’s likely to have been built to a standard suitable for storage rather than residential use. This been the case you are looking at a fair bit of work to turn it around as you will probably have to replace the roof entirely, build up the walls if a single layer of block or brick has been used and then replace the floor with an insulated concrete floor.

When it comes to the exterior of the property it is essential that you match up all the materials with the existing house. For example make sure that any new brickwork is done with matching bricks and the new  window style is the same as the others on the front elevation. The best garage conversion is one where you don’t even notice it’s been done so that’s the benchmark for a quality conversion.


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