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Basement Conversion Plans


Basement conversions are all the rage in the better streets in London. Skips an dirt escalators are a common sight as more and more homeowners dig downwards to create extra living space. Many of the old houses have large cellars and quite a few already have the head room to form what we could call habitable rooms.

Digging downwards has to be the most expensive method of adding extra living space but if your home is worth upwards of a million then it starts to make sense as you can make a tidy profit in addition to adding the wow factor to your home.

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that you would end up with dark and dingy rooms either because the architects have become very skilled at creating superb living spaces below the ground. In fact if you visit some of the really expensive homes in London it wouldn’t be out of place to to see an extra 3 to 5 floors below ground level.

Basement Conversion Plans (1)

Take a look a the photo above and you will see that 4 floors have been added comprising of a:

In fact it’s quite astonishing what homeowners build under their homes especially in areas where the average price tag of a property is upwards of 10 million or so.

Basement Conversion Plans (2)For more modest basement conversions, say one floor, you still have quite a few options as you can easily create a large open plan space as wide as the house and if you want to extend further you can go out under your garden area which is becoming increasingly popular.

From a cost point of view it’s all about location. In the right area you can add substantially to the value of your property. However, get the location wrong and you may lose most of your investment.

Our advice would be to talk to a few local estate agents before you start getting quotes from the architect.

Do I Need Planning Permission For A Basement Conversion?

Almost all basement conversions require planning permission due to the fact that many require changes to the exterior of the property to bring light in or to provide independent access. The good news is that nearly all planning applications get approved as they have little or no impact on the external appearance of the property.

Will I Need Building Regulations Approval?

Assuming you’re turning your basement into a habitable room you will most certainly require building regulations approval to ensure that the additional space is built to a habitable quality and that all the regulations are adhered to.

Will I Need A Party Wall Agreement?

Almost certainly yes unless your property is detached. If you have a mid terrace property you will have to set up a party wall agreement for both neighbouring properties. Currently, the average cost for a party wall surveyor is in the region of 750 per property.


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